Concert Music

Brr...It's Kold! 
KSA Winter Concert 2017

winter concert

  • 10am Concert: Ms. Peters, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Derosa and Ms. Woodley 
  • 1pm Concert: Ms. Adair, Ms. Golabek, Ms. M. Gonzales, Ms. L. Gonzales and Ms. Cunningham


  • Below are the links to the winter concert songs so your children can practice at home!

  • Ms. Peters and Ms. Adair: 10 Little Snowflakes
  • Ms. Peters and Ms. Cunningham: Did you ever see a penguin?
  • Ms. Adair and Ms. Derosa: I'm a Little Snowman
  • Ms. Jackson Ms. Golabek: Mittens and Gloves
  • Ms. Jackson and Ms. Golabek: If I Could Fly a Snowflake
  • Ms. Derosa and Ms. Cunningham: Little Snowflake
  • Ms. Woodley and Ms. M. Gonzales: Snowflakes, Snowflakes
  • Ms. Woodley and Ms. M. Gonzales: Winter Wiggles
  • Ms. L. Gonzales: Feliz Navidad
  • Ms. L. Gonzales: Noche de Paz