Ms. Benson
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  • "Every child, regardless of the disguise, knows what he or she is not.  
  • We must teach each child what he or she can be."
  • -- Unknown

  •       Welcome to my webpage!

  • My name is Ms. Benson and I am the school counselor at the Kindergarten Success Academy.

  • In addition to providing individual and group counseling, each week I visit the classrooms and teach lessons that focus on one of the three domains:

  • Academic Development

  • Students learn skills that ensure their success in school and their future professions. Lesson plans teach the following skills:   

  • Listening
  • Following the rules
  • Setting goals
  • Social/Personal Development

  • Lesson plans focus on building character in students by reinforcing the importance of qualities such as:
  1. Respect
  1. Responsibility
  1. Caring
  1. Fairness
  1. Citizenship
  1. Trustworthiness

Students who exemplify good character receive monthly certificates from the Character Caterpillar.

In addition, students learn conflict resolution and communication skills which aid them in becoming effective communicators and problem solvers.

Career Development

Students learn about the various careers that are in the workforce and their responsibilities. By understanding the correlation between their academics and their future in the workplace students can begin to think about the impact of their choices and decisions.